Monica Mody is a deeply intuitive diviner and poet. She blends her training in ancient West African Dagara ways with her studies in the healing traditions of her ancestors from South Asia. Monica has been merged with the inter-dimensional beings that are often called 'little people' and whom the Dagara know as 'kontomble'. With their help, as well as calling on Ancestors and beneficent spirits, she and her clients enter into the sacred space of divination.

During the session, you will be asked to move shells, bones, stones, and other natural objects on a cloth depicting the Dagara elemental wheel. This imprint of the energy you currently carry allows Monica to see your gifts, soul patterns, challenges, and blocks, along with solutions to the questions or issues that made you seek the divination. You can also find Monica at

~Monica offers the following services at The Sacred Well in Oakland~

African Dagara Cloth Divinations
Cowrie shell/cloth divination was developed as a form suited for use in the West by Malidoma Somé, elder and diviner from the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso. This form utilizes a spread of cowrie shells, bones, and other items that are moved by the divinee on a special divination cloth, and subsequently "read" by the diviner. The cloth itself represents the five elements that make up the Dagara cosmological wheel: Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, and Nature. Bring a notebook and pen, and/or a recorder, and a quarter! 

60 minute session - $100
30 minute session - $60

Book a session with Monica by calling The Sacred Well at (510) 444-9355.

Cash or check payments only for this reader, please.