Stones for Separation Anxiety?

Question from a customer:
My daughter is four and she is dealing with separation anxiety and emotional imbalance. my sister swears by stone therapy and i wanted to know what you recommend?

Answer from our staff:
There are some stones that may help your daughter with these issues. Rose quartz is always a good place to start because it fosters self-love and can help remind her that your love is always with her; green aventurine can help her to feel more enthusiastic about new experiences; jade, celestite, and blue lace agate can help to soothe her emotions; and carnelian and tiger eye can inspire confidence.

Reply from customer:
Thank you! I got it on Saturday, and let me tell you!
She is really taking to them! She went into dance calls with no issues, and this morning I dropped her off at school with a smile! She carries them in the pouch in her pocket! And we talked about them and I told her what they are all for :)

I really appreciate your help with this!

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