Connecting to the nervous system of another person?

Question from a customer:
Has anyone heard of a phenomenon that lets one person connect to another person and feel his or her pain, smell what he or she smells, feels what he or she feels, and hear his or her thoughts even from a million miles away? Kind of like connected like twins.

Answer from TSW Staff:
The experience you're describing is a known phenomenon. Some people have that kind of connection with their Twin Flame, though not everyone uses that term to describe it. A twin flame may or may not be someone you're in a romantic relationship with, and they're more of a psychic mirror than a soulmate; through that connection you may be able to experience each other's thoughts and physical sensations. According to this blog, remote touch is common among twin flames, especially when the brain is open and relaxed.

Another method for this kind of experience could potentially be via astral projection, in which you enter a relaxed, semi-hypnotic state and your mind/spirit can leave the constraints of your body and travel to other places. It's possible that you might be able to physically affect someone with whom you have a close connection while in this state. Distance doesn't make a difference to the astral body.

High-level Reiki practitioners are also able to send reiki energy over distances to provide healing, so someone with reiki training might be able to experience a physical connection to others from a distance, though reiki also has very specific rules about what is an appropriate use of the energy.

Multiple studies have examined whether we can affect others physically from a distance and with new discoveries in quantum physics (such as the phenomenon of quantum entanglement) this is becoming more well understood, or at least more widely accepted as possible! Of course, many people have known for millennia that it was possible, and it's only now that scientific understanding is catching up with ancient wisdom.

Stones for Separation Anxiety?

Question from a customer:
My daughter is four and she is dealing with separation anxiety and emotional imbalance. my sister swears by stone therapy and i wanted to know what you recommend?

Answer from our staff:
There are some stones that may help your daughter with these issues. Rose quartz is always a good place to start because it fosters self-love and can help remind her that your love is always with her; green aventurine can help her to feel more enthusiastic about new experiences; jade, celestite, and blue lace agate can help to soothe her emotions; and carnelian and tiger eye can inspire confidence.

Reply from customer:
Thank you! I got it on Saturday, and let me tell you!
She is really taking to them! She went into dance calls with no issues, and this morning I dropped her off at school with a smile! She carries them in the pouch in her pocket! And we talked about them and I told her what they are all for :)

I really appreciate your help with this!

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How to Use Healing Candle?

Question from a customer:
I purchased a healing candle, oil, and powder from your shop. I am having some health problems that doctors can't see to find what's wrong. What night is best to start it? Do I dress it with the healing powder and oil? And how do I petition it, meaning do I say a prayer or what?

Answer from our staff:
In general, when timing magic intended to bring an increase of something, starting it on a waxing (growing) or full moon is ideal. When timing magic intended to release or cleanse something, starting it during a waning (decreasing) or dark moon is ideal. However, since sometimes we need to do magic at less than ideal times, if you're doing a spell for increased health during a waning moon, you can set your intention as being one of releasing or even banishing ill health, confusion, or lack of clarity around your health issues.

We recommend dressing your candle with both the oil and little bit of the health powder before lighting it (you don't need to use very much of either: a few drops and a few sprinkles). You may also wish to burn the Health powder as in incense on an incense charcoal, and maybe even scatter some around your house or under your mattress to attract good health to your space or create healing. You can also wear the Healing oil on your body as a way of promoting better health. Anoint your temples, wrists, ankles, or the affected areas (but do not apply if the skin is broken).

As far as petitions go, you may wish to write a petition on a small piece of paper, then fold it and place it under the heat-proof dish you put the candle on for burning. Leave the paper under there until the candle is finished, then burn the paper once your intention has come to pass. You can say a prayer out loud as well, or even just say your intention for the working out loud as you are setting things up, then repeat it whenever you walk past the burning candle, or whenever you re-light the candle if you are extinguishing it for safety when you can't supervise it.

You may also wish to ask for the assistance and power of a health-related deity, or any other spiritual allies that you may have: animals, saints, angels, or nature spirits. Traditionally, at the very least it is recommended that you pour an offering of pure, fresh water in a glass and offer it to them to ask for their help. You might make more elaborate offerings as well, according to the myths and lore and messages you receive from your spirit allies.

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How to Use Prosperity Powder?

Question from a customer:
 I bought the prosperity magical powder from you guys and I was wondering how to use it.

Answer from our staff:
The Sacred Well's Prosperity Powder is a blend of herbs and essential oils historically used to conjure money, wealth, and security. This all-purpose powder brings a little extra POW to your magic. It can be burned as a loose incense on a charcoal or used to dress candles. It can also be sprinkled in your pockets, wallet, purse, or shoes to bring money your way, or sprinkled across your threshold to welcome prosperity into your home or business. Enjoy, and thanks for shopping at The Sacred Well!

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