Create Your Own Tarot Card

  • The Sacred Well 7927 Southeast 13th Avenue Portland, OR, 97202 United States

with Traci Goodrich

Sunday • July 30
2.00p ~ 4.00p

FEE : $20.00

Registration for the class is required
Please indicate interest in attendance by leaving your name and phone number at The Sacred Well ... 503.946.8951

This class is open to people of all levels of ability and a variety of beliefs. No experience is necessary with tarot or art but an attitude of acceptance and exploration is required.

When you choose a tarot card to represent yourself in a tarot spread it is known as choosing a significator. You may choose a card by using a complimentary system of insight, such as astrology or numerology, or by using your own free will and the simple desire to attract certain attributes you would like to develop. There is a lot of power in choosing a card to represent yourself in a reading, as it makes it clear to the universe the insight or information you glean from the tarot reading is meant for you and you alone.

But, have you ever considered creating your own significator? By creating a tarot card in your own image you have the ability to infuse magical intention into your work in a more meaningful and personal way. You might use the image you create as an image for an altar, your own meditation, or as the first piece of art in the creation of your magical deck you create yourself. The power of your art piece is with your own intention. 

Students will be provided with a variety of materials to create mixed media works of art (drawing, painting, collage).