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Classes & Events

At The Sacred Well, we aim to share our wide knowledge of different spiritual traditions and practices by presenting classes and events to our community. Classes commonly offered cover topics such as tarot, astrology, wicca, herbs, crystal healing, candle magic, and rituals to increase abundance or attract love. We also regularly host monthly spiritual services, tea and chanting evenings, Reiki healing shares, art shows, and musical performances.

Current Events

Saturday, October 4th All Day Michale Duncan Fine Art Jewelry
Trunk Show

Come on out to view more of the amazing jewelry creations from Michale Duncan. We have had some of his intricate pieces in our cases, but now you get to see a wide array and talk to the artist himself! Any of these beautiful creations would make a lovely unique gift.

Michale Duncan is a jewelry artist working and residing in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. He is self-taught with more than twenty years of experience crafting fine art jewelry with Celtic and nature themes. Michale creates each part of his pieces by hand: casting, lapidary work, even the chain. He works with recycled silver, gold, and bronze, along with a variety of gemstones. All of his designs are original, inspired by his Celtic heritage and the beauty of his natural surroundings. Selecting a piece of handmade, wearable Michale Duncan art is a gift for yourself or a loved one.

Michale Duncan

Saturday, October 11th 4:00 -5:00 pm Opening New Dimensions for Tarot Readers and Healers
with Miriam Jacobs
$35 registration

Tarot and the Chakras - There is a connection

Ancient Vedic and Tibetan systems gave elemental names to the seven bodily energy centers known as chakras. The Tarot suits, commonly know as the Minor Arcana cards, have the same elemental attributions. Connecting Tarot to the Chakra system can guide us to choose meditations, home remedies and yoga like exercises to integrate lessons from the cards.

Come explore the possibilities by learning about this fascinating connection.
Learn how to integrate Tarot into your healing arts practices. Books and decks will be available for signing.
Non-practitioners are welcome.

About Miriam Jacob:
Through bodywork sessions and tarot card readings, Miriam Jacobs teaches how to live more comfortably and self expressively in the world. Her work brings about a profoundly deep healing. Miriam uniquely synthesizes ancient and modern methods of healing and grounds them in the body. She is the creator of Polarity Wellness Tarot, the first body based deck. Her new book Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers, takes the concept of the deck even further. Miriam's bodywork may include polarity, cranial sacral, reflexology and massage. Her tarot readings, helps you make choices, affirm what you already know. Her private practice is in on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. She is also available for workshops, Tarot parties and in person/phone/skype readings

Saturday, October 11th 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Concrescent Letters presents Invocations and Other Love Songs by Christine Berger A Poetry Reading
Free Event

For Blessing of the Sun published July 2012:
This is the first published volume of Christine Berger's poetry. She started writing around age fifty, never having picked up a pen (or keyboard) before that. As a practicing witch for 26 years, and a practitioner of eclectic spiritual paths through her lifetime, from Buddhism to Golden Dawn, writing provides a safety valve for emotional release and a way of sharing for a strong introvert. An identification with Nature and Gaia as Mother, as well as peak experiences from spiritual practice and the blessing of a strong community provide much of the inspiration for her poems.

For Invocations and Other Love Songs published May 2014:
This is the second published volume of Christine Berger's poetry. It is the result of Hermes stepping into her life in bright living color April of 2012. Groundwork for that had been laid in February at Pantheacon where many gathered to talk about serving the community as His priests and priestesses. Her life changed. The opening prayer to Hermes was the first encounter, and given when she was on lunch break driving near work. There were following occasions where He came with more energy than she had imagined and stood hyperventilating over her kitchen sink. This was just the beginning... Many of the invocations and poems are channeled. Some from her Higher Self who was in the driver's seat constantly and some by the Deities, and other Beings. She asked for clearance from all involved before bringing this book out.

Tuesday, October 14th 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Tarot Salon - with Grey
Donations gratefully accepted
This month's cards: the Kings

Come join this monthly Tarot discussion group for beginners and experienced readers alike. Maybe you have taken a class, perhaps tried to learn to read the Tarot from a book, or are just trying to piece it together on your own. Now you want to know how to really "dive in" to what specific cards are all about.

Bring your favorite Tarot deck with you, and be ready to share, learn (and maybe even teach) some new ideas!

Thursday, October 16th 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm astrobarry's Astrology Salon
Suggested donation $10-20

Join a lively astrology discussion led by astrobarry in this informal interactive group experience. Topics covered in each Astrology Salon will vary, based on who attends and what's going on in the sky.

The Salon is intended to provide burgeoning astrologers with a chance to practice their chart interpretation skills in a safe, fun environment. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of the astrological language.

Please bring 5-10 copies of any astrology chart you'd like us to discuss (free charts available at www.astro.com).

Friday, October 17th 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Sugar Skull Decorating with Lou Florez
$25 registration/supplies

In honor of Samhain and Day of the Dead we are commemorating the season by making and decorating sugar skulls! Learn about the tradition and come party with the dead!

Thursday, October 23rd 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Art Reception: The Empire Never Ended
by Rin Ascher
Free Event

"The Empire Never Ended" is the newest body of work by Rin Ascher. The show's focus is on the ancient relationships between plants, humans and consciousness being the very fabric of the universe. The work's spectral figures inhabit a world somewhere beyond the stars or deep in the mind, populated by neon geometries

See more of Rin's beautiful work at: http://www.rinascher.com/

Friday, October 26th 6:30 pm Lake Merritt Pagans!
Free Event

A group for Pagans of all stripes who live near and/or want to commune spiritually with Lake Merritt. Activities may include: full moon lake walks, altar building, and other ideas you bring!

Monthly Spiritual Services at The Sacred Well

Monthly within the three day Dark Moon window, 8:00 pm Dark of the Moon Practice
for Hermes and Hekate

Next: Wednesday, October 22nd
Donations gratefully accepted

Sam Webster (founder of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, author of Tantric Thelema, and Priest of Hermes and Hekate) hosts an open Dark of the Moon practice at The Sacred Well each month, making offerings to Hermes and Hekate.

The large wooden representation of Hermes, classically called a Herm, was consecrated and worshipped at PantheaCon 2013 by Pagans, Magickians, and spiritual practitioners from many different backgrounds in a large ceremony that drew heavily on classical Greek material. The Herm now resides at The Sacred Well, and each month we gather to continue this sacred work with Dark Moon ritual for Hermes and Hekate, who were frequently honored at the crossroads together in ancient Greece.

The practice that Sam shares in this circle is one he has maintained without fail since the Dark Moon of January 1992. Study with Sam and more formal training in the Priestcraft of Hermes for those who desire to keep this rite are available. Please speak with Sam about this directly when you attend.

Wednesday, October 8th Temple of Aphrodite
6:00-8:00 pm
$20 donation
Regular Temple service at 8:00 pm
Donations gratefully accepted

The Temple of Aphrodite in Oakland was founded in 2010 at The Sacred Well, where Priest/esses maintain a monthly liturgy and support space for those who wish to experience the mysteries of the goddess in Her many forms.

Our monthly liturgy is an exploration and celebration of the many ways love, beauty, desire and pleasure shape our decisions, choices, actions, and lives.

We research and study historical aspects of Aphrodite, such as praise hymns, epithets, and classical symbolism. We also recognize Aphrodite in the world around us today, in Her contemporary guises with modern sensibilities.

In-person on the Fourth Tuesdays of each month: October 28th
On-line on the First Sundays of each month
Tea & Chanting Sangha
Online every Tuesday: 7pm
Online Second Sunday Dharma discussion: 7 pm

Donations welcome

Over the course of the year we are progressively learning a Dharma-Pagan ritual designed to awaken and purify all the spirits of creation in the many directions, to confer blessings of relief and happiness upon all beings throughout all space and time, and to magnify our sangha's collective aspiration toward the enlightened liberation of all beings. Open to beginners as well as current sangha members.

To recieve emails with links for the online practice visit and sign up at www.teaandchantingonline.com

Fourth Fridays of each month, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Goddess of the Month
with Phoenix LeFae and Ella

Next: Friday, October 24th
Donations gratefully accepted

Goddess for this month: Inanna

Each month we will learn about and dive into the energy of a different Goddess from around the world. Our hope that is by meeting these different energies you will find one that resonates with your heart and you will walk away with the potential for a greater relationship with a Divine One.

Join us for Goddess of the Month as we receive the gifts of the mai, honor our sacred selves, and dive into the deeps of the Underworld with Inanna as our guide. This October we will meet and honor Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth