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Briar is a queer Filipino-Irish artist, oracle, Reiki Master, priestx, and witch.  More than a touch fey, he draws on his gifts of imagination, empathy, and belief to partner with the innate Spark in all things in order to make his magic. Briar embraces contradiction and paradox as opportunities to hone his flexibility, discernment, and compassion.

A graduate of cat yronwode’s Hoodoo & Rootwork Correspondence Course as well as Chas Bogan’s Modern Conjure, he is happy to offer rootwork advice to those who need it. As an initiate of Black Rose Witchcraft and student of herbalism, astrology, mythology, and divination he lends his knowledge and skill to help others develop spellwork, connect with deity, engage the shadow, and look into the future. Through the Strophalos he serves as a priestx of Hecate at the Sacred Well leading Dark Moon rituals to the Queen of the Crossroads.

Briar is a firm believer in shadow work, and helps others explore sacred darkness in a safe and well defined space with his insights, encouragement, frankness, and empathy. As a magical human, he aims to remain clear-eyed, strong willed, practical, and soft of touch. He’d like to thank his ancestors both of blood and by way of being for paving the way for him to be here, and hopes to honor them by word and by deed.

~Briar offers the following services at The Sacred Well in Oakland~

Intuitive Tarot
Briar consults the tarot to help others narrow down decisions, explore the subconscious, prepare for the future, and navigate life's most challenging crossroads. Part fortune telling, part heart-to-heart, readings with Briar are often fun, insightful, supportive, and accurate. 

30 minute session: $60
60 minute session: $100

Briar has been a Master in the Purple Lotus line of Usui Reiki for eight years. This Japanese energy healing tradition is both relaxing and rejuvenating, equally appropriate for body, mind, and soul. Reiki sessions are performed seated in a chair and involve a light laying-on of hands. 

30 minute session: $60