How we got here

by Barry

One morning in November 2003, I received a 'suggested match' message on Friendster from a friend. It indicated I should check out the profile of this unfamiliar-looking woman I'd never heard of before. Apparently, he sent her one, too.

The two of us followed this serendipitous lead and made a date to meet.

That woman was Rabbit.

I later learned my friend had met Rabbit one recent evening through a mutual pal — and immediately thought she and I would click. As it turns out, he couldn't have been more right.

Rabbit and I met at the amazing (and quintessentially Berkeley) brunch at the local Thai temple, where we shared a yummy vegetarian spread complete with mango and sticky rice. Picking off the same plates within minutes of having met, we immediately established an intimacy.

Our conversation flowed without a single pause, as we filled each other in on the work we did — I as an astrologer, she as a tarot reader and witch, both of us as perpetual explorers of the universe's mysteries.

“'What do you call it?' we asked each other. 'Metaphysical? The occult? New age?' We agreed: None of the words to describe our life's passions were particularly satisfying, though not necessarily offensive either.

We shared tales of how we ended up where we were: anecdotes about odd intuitive hits that led to major developments, notes on our similar educational backgrounds, descriptions of events that transformed who we were, recountings of numinous moments during which we just knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that THIS ('what do you call it?') was what we were supposed to do.

And in each other, we recognized something deeply comforting — an earthy, no-B.S. orientation to our highly unconventional (kooky, even!) life's-work... coupled with pure faith that, whatever the heck else exists out beyond our full understanding, it is absolutely guiding, protecting and blessing us when we put ourselves in service to the universe’s greater good.

That day, I knew I’d met a true peer. What I didn’t know was that our work together had just begun...

It took a couple years before I formally ‘proposed’ to Rabbit. (No, not marriage, silly.) I proposed we open a shop together... a metaphysical store (for lack of a better term) with beautiful and powerful objects, adornments and concoctions to help the universe spread its magic... the store we’d both dreamt about, individually, over many years.

When I finally placed that momentous phone call, it was Winter Solstice 2005. Rabbit had a houseful of pagans preparing to do ritual. When I proposed to her, Rabbit sounded delighted — but not especially surprised, considering the huge step I was suggesting we take together. I also sensed an odd relief, as if she’d been waiting for the right person (was that me?) to arrive to help her bring her vision into being and, at last, I had shown up.

That day, The Sacred Well — in the version that has become our amazing storefront and community in Oakland — was born.