Health Powder

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Health Powder


I am strong. I am balanced. I am pain-free. I am healing. I am healed. The power of thought and prayer has helped so many people find their way through personal difficulty toward health and wholeness. I believe in myself. I am filled with light.

  • Vibrant Energy
  • Balance
  • Wholeness
  • Resilience

1/2 oz. of a handcrafted mixture of herbs and essential oils blended to help you manifest your magical intent.

Each powder contains a proprietary blend of herbs, magical oils, and our loving intentions. Use your own magical imagination but please do not ingest.  For external use only.

How do I use these Powders?

  • Sprinkle some in your shoes, so every step you take brings you closer to your goal.
  • Dust beneath your mattress, and feel the magic while you sleep.
  • Rub some between your hands as you walk around a room, then vacuum or sweep up the residue, leaving the magic in place.
  • Dress your spell candles.
  • Put a pinch in an envelope, along with a handwritten note of your magical intentions.
  • Place in the palm of your hand, and blow across thresholds, in your car, or over objects to sanctify.
  • Trail a bit before or behind you as an offering when visiting sacred places.
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