Heather Aurora Rose is an intuitive, healer, and empathic listener. As a dedicated priestess of Aphrodite who leads the monthly Temple of Aphrodite in Oakland, she understands the ways of the heart. She helps clients gain perspective and insight with all manner of questions, but her special focus is on human connection: love, family, relationships, and attraction.  Using the Tarot, she can guide you to find answers, or to gain clarity in what direction to move forward in any area of your life. She has studied and practiced Tarot for two decades, most recently receiving mentorship and guidance from The Sacred Well's popular readers Yeshe Rabbit and Iris RedRaven.

Heather Aurora Rose has been a practicing Pagan Witch for 20 years, and has been connected to land spirits and the fey since she was  a child. She is a High Priestess in Come As You Are Pagan Congregation in the Bay Area, CA, an Initiate of the Anderson Feri Tradition, and a Black Rose High Priestess.

~Heather Aurora Rose offers the following services at The Sacred Well shop in Oakland~

Intuitive Tarot
(30 or 60 minute sessions available)
Heather Aurora Rose is gentle, kind, warm, and funny as she delivers accurate, specific messages to guide you through your questions about love, relationships, family, friends, co-workers and employers, and your personal sense of purpose. She accepts walk-ins on Thursday afternoons, and is also available for appointments.

60 Minute Session - $100
30 Minute Session - $60

To book a reading with Aurora Rose, please call 510-444-9355  to find about about her availability.